Our Process

We help you discover financial goals that align your values, create a plan to achieve them, and give you confidence that you are on the right path.

Meet with Us

After an initial call, we will schedule an introductory meeting that will last about an hour where we will discuss what you hope to achieve.

Reveal Your Goals

Our next step centers on reviewing what you value. These values will often drive your goals, and we want to make sure your values and goals align.

Create A Plan

After your goals and values are clear, we evaluate your current situation, and then work with you to create a plan you can use to achieve your goals.

Work the Plan

Financial Plans are living documents. Things always come up and plans change. We stay ready to support and rework the plan when necessary.

Financial Planning

Your Values are core to who you are.  We partner with you as you identify what brings you joy and then work with you to create goals that will allow you to spend more of your time and resources on what you really value.  Once your goals are clear, you will have confidence that each step in your financial plan will bring you closer to reaching the results you desire.

Ongoing Planning

We work on a path to your financial goals and update that plan as you grow.

Comprehensive Plan

This is an in-depth snapshot of your financial goals and how to achieve them.

Project Planning

We review one area of your financial life like College Planning or a Student Loan Payoff plan.

Wealth Management

Whether you want to build a legacy, pursue a big career change or just live the life you want, we want to work with you to provide the information and tools you need to make your life what you want it to be.  

Our Wealth Management process builds on the progress made in the financial planning programs and serves as a way to keep your momentum going.  We will continue to meet for an annual review and as different changes come up. 

Business Retirement Plans

You run a company and want to do well by your employees, while still being fair to yourself.  Unfortunately, Small Business 401k plans are usually overrun with hidden fees, bad investment options, and other nonsense. You need a plan that fits your goals and objectives to help your business and retirement succeed. 

Ongoing Planning

This program allows for continually monitoring your plan to keep it up to date and inline with your goals.

Investment Review

This package is used to create or review your plan’s Investment Policy Statement (IPS), and to evaluate the plan’s current investment choices.

Project Planning

This program helps you choose the right type of retirement plan or provider to help meet your objectives.

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